Roulette Tables

Our Roulette tables meet the highest requirements and standard of the industry.

They possess high quality, perfect ergonomics and refined design. Table base and top are made of solid wood or MDF and can be finished with wood veneer or painted. Armrest can be finished with leather (or eco-leather), or solid wood covered with varnish. Table edges and “ashtrays area” can be made of artificial stone (to ensure high durability) or hard wood. Any model can be modified and finished according to client’s requirements and needs.



  • High quality
  • Perfect ergonomics
  • Wild range of table tops and bases (legs) of different styles and sizes
  • The use of artificial stone ensure high durability and extend table life-time, any scratches can be removed quickly and easily 


  • “H” or "barrel" style of table base
  • Single or double level top
  • Wool or synthetic layouts
  • Standard or flip-top
  • Natural or eco leather Armrest
  • Drink holders and ashtrays
  • Brass foot rest
  • Chipper machine cut
  • “Double wing” table (2 tables with 1 wheel)


  • Size: 2750×1600×760 mm (depends on model type)


  • Illumination
  • Bespoke table based on client’s design