Сlassic Roulette Wheel «Solaris»

This roulette wheel has an exquisite finish, flawless construction, and a traditional design.

All metallic components are covered with nickel or chromium and composed of non-magnetic metallic alloys, such as brass and aluminum alloy. The cone and bottom ball-track are finished with natural wood veneer coated in long-lasting varnish, while the ball-track is strengthened with a belt made of corian, an artificial stone. The bowl features a wood veneer-finished flat "shelf." Wheel finishing can be changed to meet the needs of the customer. Not a single wheel will be shipped unless it has passed the visual inspection and the instrumental testing.


  • Superior quality and total unpredictability.
  • Rotation mechanism is guaranteed for life.
  • A long-lasting varnish covers a veneer of natural wood.
  • Non-magnetic metallic alloy is used to make all metallic components.


  • Ball track with reinforcement.
  • Zero style: single, double, or triple.


  • Superior 32-inch professional roulette wheel.


  • Several variations in finishing.
  • Ball and turret stops with gold-coated finishing.
  • Etching of the casino name.