Roulette Wheel «FineArt»

All our roulette wheels are 100% handmade.

The whole production cycle is carried out on our premises by our engineers and artisans. The color, the shape, and finishing of every single detail of the wheel can be designed and modified according to the needs and requirements of the client. Our Bespoke roulette wheels are more than just a perfect and nice game engine, it’s a masterpiece that emphasizes the style and individuality of your casino interior. Our ability to create your customized wheel is limited only by your imagination. Every single wheel will not be dispatched until it passes all instrumental tests and visual checkout.



  • High quality and absolute randomness
  • Lifetime warranty of bearings
  • Natural wood veneer covered with durable varnish
  • All metallic parts are made of non-magnetic metallic alloy


  • Reinforced ball track
  • Single or double Zero


  • 32” casino quality roulette wheel


  • Different finishing variants
  • Golden finishing (Turret and ball stops)
  • Casino name engraving