Modern Roulette Wheel «Altair»

This wheel has a modern look and fresh design. The turret has a helix shape with showy appearance especially when the wheel rotates.

The Altair design allows finishing the wheel with a variegated color scheme, to emphasize any casino interior with the boldest design ideas. The Altair has a reinforced ball-track, and all metallic parts are made of non-magnetic metallic alloy and covered with chromium or nickel. Every single wheel will not be dispatched until it passes all instrumental tests and visual checkout.


  • High quality and absolute randomness
  • Lifetime warranty of bearings
  • Natural wood veneer covered with durable varnish
  • All metallic parts are made of non-magnetic metallic alloy


  • Reinforced ball track
  • Single or double Zero


  • High quality 32” casino roulette wheel


  • Different finishing variants
  • Golden finishing (Turret and ball stops)
  • Casino name engraving