Roulette video reader (CYCLOPS-i)

CYCLOPS-i is a roulette video reader intended to recognize and transfer game logs from live wheels.

This device is a perfect (in terms of pricing and ease of installation) solution for both on-line and land-based casinos to translate live game to their gamblers.


  • Fast auto recognition of winning numbers (1-2 sec) and other game events
  • Onboard wheel stat and wheel deviation
  • Easy and quick initial installation (Push-Turn-Wait) 
  • Suitable for any international standard roulette wheels 
  • Wheel friendly: no sensors or reader heads 
  • High reliability – designed to operate 24/7


  • Single/double ZERO (can be customized)
  • Table # 
  • No More Bets status and error spins 
  • Game events tracking (NMB, ball speed, rotor speed and direction etc.) 
  • Game protocol can be output via local network or RS
  • Remote betting – can be used as game generator for on-line casinos and multiplayer terminals