The world’s first roulette display empowered with machine reading.

The Junior display is a monoblock (without a controller) roulette 23” LCD display equipped with automatic video reader. It’s the most accessible (in terms of simplicity and pricing) and the younger member of CYCLOPS family. Despite its simplicity, it possesses all major features and benefits of CYCLOPS displays – quick recognition of winning numbers, onboard wheel stat, high performance (24/7), easy installation, etc.


  • Controller-free
  • Fast auto recognition of winning numbers (1-2 sec)
  • Onboard wheel stat and wheel deviation (available at display screen)
  • Easy and quick initial installation (Push-Turn-Wait)
  • Suitable for any international standard roulette wheels
  • Wheel friendly: no sensors or reader heads
  • High reliability – designed to operate 24/7
  • Table friendly (does not harm table surface – can be attached to table edge)
  • Reasonable price


  • 23” LCD single sided
  • 5 backgrounds (can be customized)
  • Single/double ZERO (can be customized)
  • Table #
  • 16 last winning numbers
  • Simple chances stat
  • Neighbors of winning number
  • No More Bets status and error spins


  • 23” single sided: 315×610×50 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm (can be customized)
  • Controller: built-in
  • Case finishing: black


  • Casino logo
  • Backgrounds and colors by customer request
  • Support height
  • Other…