Smart Media Signage (SMS)

The Smart Media Signage (SMS) is not just table limits display but also a server based media system providing all live tables with online media feeding (images & video) and game information.

Every display in this system can be configured remotely to fit game type, bet limits and other information in live tables. In addition, the SMS allows sending short messages and instructions to the dealers from Pit-Boss or Shift manager PC.


  • Flexible and easy configuration (remotely or locally) 
  • Fully customizable content
  • User friendly interface
  • Unlimited choice of games (the user can build his own game interface)
  • Can work as a stand alone or in a network with other devices
  • Game parameters can be configured and sent via local net to all devices from manager PC
  • Designed to operate 24/7
  • Mono-block design (both monitor and controller are enclosed in one housing)
  • Media box (casino advert or any video or images)
  • Media files can be uploaded remotely
  • Dynamic backgrounds 


  • 10.1’’ 1280*800 LCD main monitor 
  • Additional 5’’ LCD touch screen (configuration panel)
  • Casino logo
  • Table # 
  • Bet limits
  • Payout chart
  • Dealer name
  • Media box
  • Text messaging
  • USB and LAN inputs
  • Slim housing
  • Regular or clamp anchoring pole


  • 10.1” single sided display: 260 × 180 × 35 mm
  • Height (can be customized): 290 mm