Matsui chips

Matsui is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Casino currency including gaming chips, wheel checks acrylic plaques & jetons.

Utilizing the most accurate technology available, Matsui has now extended their existing range of highly durable gaming chips. In addition to their hard wearing properties, all Matsui gaming chips feel great to the touch and perfectly weighted for any casino player.


  • High quality and durability
  • Compatible with chipper machines
  • Short terms of manufacturing
  • Truly excellent value for money
  • Wide range of security options


  • 1 basic and up to 3 additional colors (insert)
  • Casino logo
  • Imbedded numbers (value) or any text at inner ring
  • Coin (gold or silver) inlay chips
  • Hologram decal
  • Glitter
  • Mirror gold or silver
  • Serial number
  • UV marking
  • RFID tagging
  • Secure-e-chip 


  • Chips diameter 39mm, 40mm, 43mm, 45mm, 50mm
  • Decal diameter 23mm, 26mm, 30mm