Other products

We offer a wide range of casino accessories and playing cards of different well known manufacturers.

Lot of accessories such as layouts, cash boxes, tip boxes, chips tray etc are made in our factory and can be modified and customized to meet client’s needs and requirements.


  • High quality playing cards of different manufacturers (Fournier, Bicycle & Modiano)
  • Durable synthetic layouts with long lifespan
  • Reliable chips tray and cash/tips boxes with a very well thought out design 


  • Casino logo (for layouts and playing cards)
  • Water prove and full-colour layouts
  • Plastic coated paper and 100% plastic playing cards
  • All playing cards are compatible with card automatic shufflers
  • Playing cards come with standard or jumbo index and different color combinations: 
    • RED/BLUE


  • Chips diameter 39mm, 40mm, 43mm, 45mm, 50mm
  • Decal diameter 23mm, 26mm, 30mm