The CYCLOPS Roulette Display with optional TripleSpin side-bet is a brilliant feature to attract more players to your Roulette tables and significantly raise both drop and casino hold.

TripleSpin side-bet was inspired by the classic Roulette game. All colors, signs and winning events are newly designed and are not borrowed from other casino games. That way, TripleSpin will not confuse players and keep them within the traditional American Roulette atmosphere.

Additionally to the actual wheel, two virtual wheels spin simultaniously on the CYCLOPS Roulette Display and randomly generate two winning numbers about five seconds before the ball drops in the actual wheel. The combination of all three winning numbers creates the side-bet events (fixed pay-outs). Only players who place an additional wager on at least one of the TripleSpin options are entitled to win a TripleSpin pay-out.

You can learn more about Triple Spin Game:


  • Inspired from Roulette game – does not confuse the gamblers 
  • Easy implementation – can work with any regular wheel and Roulette table
  • Wide range of payout ratios – from 3:2 up to 1200:1
  • Significantly increase of both drop and income
  • Easy and quick initial installation (Push-Turn-Wait) 
  • Wheel friendly: no sensors or reader heads 
  • High reliability – designed to operate 24/7


  • Single or double sided LCD 23” or 27” FullHD
  • Super slim case (5 cm for double sided)
  • Single/double ZERO (can be customized)
  • Table # 
  • 16 last winning numbers
  • Wheel animation – simulation of live wheel behavior 
  • Min/Max bets
  • Cool/Hot numbers
  • Simple chances stat 
  • Slide show
  • No More Bets status and error spins 
  • Game events tracking (NMB, ball speed, rotor speed and direction etc.), game logs can be output via local network
  • Remote betting – can be used as game source for multiplayer terminals
  • Audio announcement of winning numbers
  • Video output


  • 23” single sided: 315×600×30 mm
  • double sided: 315×600×40 mm
  • Height: 1100 mm (can be customized)
  • Controller: 355×85×180 mm
  • Case color: black (can be customized)


  • Casino logo
  • Backgrounds and colors by customer request
  • Support height
  • Golden or Mahogany finishing